REGUPOL equiline impact

Product details

REGUPOL equiline impact

Product details

The ideal wall covering for places where injuries can occur or nervous horses can kick out. Highly resilient and easy to install.

REGUPOL equiline impact – a wall of safety

We can supply our practical 8 mm thick sheets and panels, which can be bonded onto stable and box walls. Installed vertically, REGUPOL equiline impact prevents your horse from picking up splinters from the box wall. Wherever nervous horses can kick out, these sheets and panels provide a wall of safety quickly and easily. The appropriate adhesive and joint sealant will also be supplied. Each sheet is 1,250 mm wide and the standard length is 10 m. If you need different lengths or thicknesses, simply send us your inquiry.

REGUPOL equiline impact

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REGUPOL equiline impact: elastic protective covering for walls.

REGUPOL equestrian floors at Spanish top class equestrian centre

REGUPOL equestrian floors at Spanish top class equestrian centre

In Asturias, surrounded by the characteristic landscapes of northern Spain, lies the Yeguada Finca Maeza. This equestrian centre is one of the most modern in the whole of Spain. It’s a place where sports horses are bred and trained for competition and where the operators attach…

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REGUPOL equestrian floors at Argentinian top class equestrian centre

REGUPOL equestrian floors at Argentinian top class equestrian centre

The passion and love for horses was the reason for Cristina Balcarce and Ricardo Wachowicz to fulfill a personal dream: The foundation of the “Haras La Sagsiciana”, a ranch in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that focuses on the breeding of Lusitano horses at an international level.…

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Private stable “Finca la Peregrina » in Comillas, Spain

Private stable “Finca la Peregrina » in Comillas, Spain

REGUPOL equiline impact provides nervous horses that may kick out with protection from injury.

Colour and pattern selection


  • high protective function
  • low installation height
  • highly resilient

REGUPOL is member of the EEBA European Equestrian Business Association e.V.

Technical Specifications


wall covering for box, wash bay and veterinary clinic


PUR binders, components made of synthetic rubber

Sheet dimensions

width: 1,250 mm, length: 10 m


8 mm


approx. 8 kg/m²


sheets, standard length: 10 m, different lengths upon request

Slip resistance

R 10


product sample service, individual consulting, instructions for cleaning and care, repairs and renovation possible


Bonded to the wall over its entire surface


The appropriate adhesive can be obtained from us upon request

Water permeability

virtually impermeable to water

Certificate of sustainability

Cradle to Cradle Certified® is a registered trademark of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.
REGUPOL everroll impact ultimate is Cradle to Cradle Certified® at the Bronze level

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What makes our REGUPOL sheets for bonding so fundamentally good

Whether they are bonded to the floor or the wall, our REGUPOL sheets and panels help you to enhance the comfort and safety of your horses easily and cost efficiently. Quickly installed on a dry surface, you can rely on these hard-wearing protective coverings for years to come. Another special feature is that this material scarcely allows any water to seep through, enabling dirt on the floor or walls to be removed easily and thoroughly.

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