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REGUPOL equestrian floors at Argentinian top class equestrian centre

Lusitano horses: Breeding and care on REGUPOL

REGUPOL equestrian floors at Argentinian top class equestrian centre

Lusitano horses: Breeding and care on REGUPOL

The passion and love for horses was the reason for Cristina Balcarce and Ricardo Wachowicz to fulfill a personal dream: The foundation of the “Haras La Sagsiciana”, a ranch in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that focuses on the breeding of Lusitano horses at an international level. Their personal goal: The breeding of purebred Lusitano horses born and raised in Argentina. Those who put so much passion in their profession do not make any compromises in the equipment of the facilities. That’s why the owners chose REGUPOL’s high-quality floor coverings for the extensive renovation of the entire equestrian centre.

High walking comfort for horses

For the stable aisle and the horse walker our elastic interlocking pavers named REGUPOL equiline walkway were chosen to ensure a walking surface that’s quiet and at the same time gentle on the horses’ joints. These REGUPOL pavers are also perfect for the paddocks that have a direct access to the boxes. The elastic pavers are highly robust and easy to clean.

Get optimal protection and comfort with robust rolls made from REGUPOL

Our elastic rolls REGUPOL equiline allround ensure the necessary comfort and protection in the boxes.

It is bonded into place which gives REGUPOL equiline allround a surface that’s virtually impermeable to water. Dirt stays visibly on the surface, so that it can be removed quickly and completely. 

Bonded to the walls, REGUPOL equiline impact ensures that anxious, restless horses that are likely to kick out are protected from mores serious injuries. It also prevents damage to the walls, too.

The REGUPOL rolls are the right choice in the indoor wash bays of the Haras La Sagsiciana as well because they provide the animals with the anti-slip protection they need. A veterinary area has been established for a daily check and the first veterinary care of horses. The robust and elastic REGUPOL rolls for wall and floor were also chosen here. The special advantage of this covering: It is flat due to the solid bonding and thus reduces the risk of injury to your horses.

Project overview

  • High class equestrian centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • REGUPOL equestrian floors for stable aisle, paddock and horse walker, for floors and walls in boxes, wash bays and veterinary areas
  • Comfortable environment for breeding and training of Lusitano horses
  • Project was realized by our partnre Sotoancho Instalaciones Hípicas S.L from Spain

Haras La Sagisciana Proyecto Hípico

REGUPOL floors for horses: The right choise

Haras La Sagisciana is undoubtedly one of the best breeding farms in Argentina. All REGUPOL floors comply with the high expectations of the Haras La Sagisciana in both quality and comfort. We provide the right flooring for almost every application in large-scale or private equestrian facilities. REGUPOL equestrian floors are the ideal solution for species-appropriate, cleaner and more economical horse keeping – and that’s been the case for 40 years.