Equestrian flooring

Because they are elastic and kind to the hooves of the horses. The REGUPOL equiline products such as our horse stall mats are extremely resilient and can withstand high loads for a long time.

Yes, all products of the REGUPOL equiline range are permeable to water and urine. The rolls REGUPOL equiline allround and REGUPOL equiline impact are virtually impermeable to water. Here a proper water-drainage is required. Our floor REGUPOL equiline VET for veterinary areas is impermeable to water.

Exterior installed tiles should have a permeable crushed stone base. Should there be an existing bound sub-base (asphalt or concrete), please contact us and we can talk about what product will suit your needs best.

Interior, you can, depending on the quality of the sub-base and the water drainage, use all our REGUPOL equiline products.

Please contact us and we will help you to find the right REGUPOL equestrian floor for your specific needs.

Depending on the installed system, up to 75 % of your normally required bedding can be saved by using our REGUPOL equestrian floors. You should not fully disregard the bedding though.

Because the elastic edging elements provide protection for both horse and rider. The REGUPOL equiline border edging elements are made from elastic rubber so when horses step on the arena edges, the impact is deadened by our elastic REGUPOL material. If riders do come down to earth with a bump, they can be sure our elastic material will give them the best possible protection. 

No, this is not possible. REGUPOL equiline allround must be glued down.

You should lift the tiles up regularly and then use a pressure washer (no rotating nozzle) for cleaning.

This depends on the usage intensity and the used bedding. A general answer cannot be given.

You can rely on the quality of our REGUPOL equestrian floors. Many of our floors have been in use for decades (appropriate usage and maintenance assumed). This is different in high-stress areas, but the floor in these areas can be changed partially.

We recommend our REGUPOL equiline walkway elastic interlocking pavers. They are easy to install, very resilient and withstand heavy usage. Should there be a lot of wear and tear over the years, you can partially replace the product.

No, this is not necessary.

The installation is the same as concrete pavers, simply spoken: Crushed stone base, fine-planum and proper edging. See our installation instruction for more information.

Ideally, you send us pictures of the areas you want to equip with our REGUPOL equestrian floors. Our experts are happy to help you. Mail: equestrian@regupol.eu

All our REGUPOL equiline products (except REGUPOL equiline VET as well as REGUPOL equiline allround and REGUPOL equilineimpact) are available in three colours (redbrown, black and green). Custom colours are of course available in case of an appropriate order size.

If REGUPOL equiline allround is glued down, you can drive over it. Please take extra care when “heavy machinery“ is driving over our floor as this has to happen slowly and quick turning of the tires on the spot has to be avoided.

The sheer-forces as well as oil and other lubricants will permanently damage the floor.

It is also possible to drive over REGUPOL equiline walkway pavers. The same precautions as with REGUPOL equiline allround apply.

For all other products please contact a REGUPOL expert for further advice.

Yes, this is not a problem. If one or two technically gifted person will help, it will be even easier.

You can cut our REGUPOL horse stall mats with a jigsaw and a raw hacksaw blade.

Product / Application REGUPOL equiline stable REGUPOL equiline multi REGUPOL equiline multi XL REGUPOL equiline walkway REGUPOL equiline allround REGUPOL equiline impact REGUPOL equiline border REGUPOL equiline VET
Riding aena x
Open stall x x x x x
Paddock x x x x
Equine clinic x x x
Wash bay x x x x x x
Box x x x x x
Stable aisle x x x x
Horse walker x

There are a lot of references. Please contact our REGUPOL experts for more information

If we have your material in stock, please calculate with a couple of days for deliveries within Germany.

Yes, if your order exceeds a net value of over 1.000 EUR.

Yes, this is possible, depending on the project size.

For all of our REGUPOL equiline products the following waste codes should be used:

The waste key according to the European Waste Catalogue (EWC number) refers to the real wastes origin and therefore is not product- but use-oriented. List of proposed waste codes/waste designations in accordance with EWC for unglued / unsealed products: 07 02 99. Should the product be glued down or sealed, the EWC Code is 17 02 03.

More detailed information is available in the safety data sheet of each product.

To make sure that all local legislation is being followed, please talk to your local disposal company.

Small samples can be sent to you. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Yes, our products are all weather resistant.

Yes, we can put you in contact with specialists for each subsection.

Yes, this is possible. Please contact your REGUPOL consultant.

Yes, our REGUPOL equiline products are slip resistant.

In winter months, our floor performs like every other floor that is used outdoors. All REGUPOL equiline products are resistant to de-icing salt.