Alpine luxury spa in Ischgl sets new standards

Alpine luxury spa in Ischgl sets new standards

The Silvretta Therme in Ischgl opened in winter 2022 after a three-year construction period. Already during the planning phase, the focus was set on a resource-saving construction method. The building was planned and constructed to be as sustainable and energy-saving as possible. REGUPOL products from the winter sports and acoustics sectors were also used in the construction of the spa.

The artistic form of the spa nestles perfectly into the surrounding landscape. The architectural highlight of the building is the champagne-colored exterior façade, which emphasizes the elegant appearance and whose interaction with the surroundings changes throughout the seasons. Inside the spa, the focus is on the element of water in its three states of aggregation - ice, water and steam. In two buildings, a multifaceted offer for locals and guests extends over four floors.

Project overview

  • Construction period: 2019 - 2022
  • Energy-efficient construction
  • Construction costs approx. 75 million €.

Pampering program in a glass of its own

With a water surface of over 1,000 m², there is something for everyone - from indoor and outdoor sports pools to a spacious adventure pool with whirl grotto and an outdoor pool with pool bar.

Gourmets will also get their money's worth at the spa. Whether a cool drink at the bar, a specialty from the grill lounge or Italian delicacies from the trattoria, the spa offers culinary delights for every taste.

The offer is rounded off by a unique ice skating rink on the second floor. This runs on 1,300 m² around the building with a 250-meter-long passable tunnel and an ice bar. In addition, there is a fitness area with an area of 1,300 m², a large sauna area with 1,500 m² and a medical spa area.

In addition, the spa is also the first port of call for event organizers, as it offers a divisible, multifunctional event hall that can accommodate up to 600 people.

A total of over 6,500 m² of REGUPOL products were installed in the building complex. On the areas around the ice rink, 400 m² of REGUPOL everoll alpine ultimate were laid. As a border around the ice rink, the non-slip winter sports floor prevents guests from slipping. In addition, it is robust and resistant, so that it protects the surface from damage - even in high-traffic areas. The wide range of products also meets increased structural requirements for fire behavior.

REGUPOL offers suitable acoustic solutions to ensure that there is no conflict between the various usage concepts. To ensure undisturbed relaxation in the feel-good areas, 2,475 m² of REGUPOL sound and drain 22 impact sound insulation carpet pad, which was specially developed for outdoor use, was therefore installed on the roof terrace of the Therme.

REGUPOL impact sound insulation was also used inside the building. Parts of the screed have been fitted with 3,630 m² of REGUPOL sound 17. This prevents the transmission of impact sound and ensures quiet in the areas where guests are supposed to relax.

All in all, an oasis of well-being in a class of its own has been created, combining luxurious stays and relaxation in the best possible form with sustainability. Already in its first winter season, the new Silvretta Therme Paznaun has welcomed over 70,000 visitors since its opening.