REGUPOL playfix aqua

Product details

REGUPOL playfix aqua

Product details

This seamless safety floor, specially designed for use in wet areas, offers the same level of REGUPOL SAFETY as all our safety surfaces.

Playing in water holds a particular attraction for both young and old. We provide the necessary safety boost for water games with our seamless safety floor REGUPOL playfix aqua, which we developed specially for wet zones. This allows children to run around barefoot and playfully discover the element that is water. The synthetic floor is pleasantly soft and minimises the risk of slipping. No puddles can form permanently on this water permeable surface and the material does not release any harmful substances into chlorinated water.

For the watercourse effect, our safety floor can be modelled to imitate the course of natural streams and brooks. Channels and gutters can also be covered with this synthetic flooring, as can hills and slopes for running down. The colouring of the surface can also be designed to reflect the water’s natural environment.

We can install REGUPOL playfix aqua either with or without an elastic safety sub-layer, depending on whether your surface needs fall protection properties or serves a solely decorative purpose. We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate sub-structure for your project and answer any questions you may have about surfaces for water playgrounds and open-air swimming pools. Professional installation will be taken care of by our experienced fitters.

REGUPOL playfix aqua also offers a range of benefits when it comes to hygiene. Dirt and other contamination remain visible on the surface and can be removed easily. Playing equipment anchors can be seamlessly enclosed to prevent any contamination accumulating in gaps between anchor and floor surface. Numerous water playgrounds, splash pads, open air pools and surrounds for swimming and paddling pools have already been fitted with our REGUPOL playfix synthetic floorings.

REGUPOL playfix aqua

Colour and pattern selection



  • Protective function 
  • Safety 
  • Long service life 
  • Can be repaired 
  • Can be modelled 
  • Cannot be dispersed through play 
  • Water permeable  
  • Barrier-free 
  • Chlorine resistant 
  • Resistant to de-icing salt  
  • Seamless 
  • Certified 
  • Weather resistant 
  • Fire protective 
  • Slip-resistant 
  • Lightfast  

Technical Specifications


Wear layer consisting of fully dyed through EPDM new rubber granules mixed with a PU bonding agent; base layer consisting of rubber granules mixed with PU bonding agent (not for REGUPOL playfix aqua without fall protection)


Two-layer structure consisting of wear layer and base layer (not for REGUPOL playfix aqua without fall protection)

Thickness of base layer + wear layer / Maximum fall height

35 + 10 mm | 1.36 m
50 + 10 mm | 1.73 m
65 + 10 mm | 1.90 m
75 + 10 mm | 2.33 m
85 + 10 mm | 2.50 m
120 + 10 mm | 3.00 m

Maximum fall height

1.36m – 3.00m, depending on safety floor’s overall thickness
Impact attenuation test in acc. with DIN EN 1177

Anti-slip behaviour

Complies with assessment group R10 (optional, R11 also possible). Certified by the DGUV.


On bound or unbound sub-bases in acc. with DIN 18035-6. Installed by our trained and qualified fitters.


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REGUPOL playfix aqua with fall protection

1 Unbound (or bound) base course according to DIN 18035-6.
2 REGUPOL base layer, manufactured on site, thicknesses 35 to 120 mm
3 Wear layer of PUR-bonded, completely dyed-through EPDM granules

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