Outdoor safety flooring seamless

Do you have a question about our seamless REGUPOL playfix fall protection floors? We are sure you will find an answer here.


Because it offers safety with low requirements for care and maintenance.

Yes, the seamless REGUPOL playfix surface is very permeable to water. 

The substructure should comply with DIN 18035 - Part 6.

The edging must be stable. This can be provided by an edge stone, a border line or a steel band, for example. 

We need dry weather and permanent daytime temperatures above 15° C. and night-time temperatures no lower than 8°C. 

For normal dirt levels, it is sufficient to clean the seamless surface regularly with a broom or water. 

1.36 to 3.00 m are covered by REGUPOL playfix seamless safety flooring.

REGUPOL playfix seamless safety flooring is installed exclusively by REGUPOL fitters. Therefore, the size of the area, fall height, colour and location all influence the pricing. That’s why prices always need to be calculated for each individual project.

EPDM granules differ in price due to the colour pigments used. Depending on the colour shade, different binders are recommended to prevent discolouration caused by UV radiation. These two factors result in different prices.

Our seamless safety surfaces are generally classified as non-drivable.

This depends on the intensity of use and maintenance / cleaning. Our experience shows that with regular care, surfaces can be used many years.  After this time, the surface can often be refurbished with a facelift.

The seamless flooring is a safety surface with fall protection properties that must be guaranteed by us. It is therefore not possible for customers to install the surfaces themselves.

No, the REGUPOL playfix seamless safety surface has an odour which is barely perceptible.

Yes, this is possible without any problems.

Yes, it is possible to install inlays.

Our seamless fall protection surfaces for outdoor use are weather proof.

Installation requirements are contained in the standards EN 1177 and additionally in EN 1176.

For indoor use, we recommend our product REGUPOL playfix indoor.

The floor surfaces can be repaired completely or partially. In the event of damage, please contact us.

We have developed the product REGUPOL playfix game, which combines safety and functionality, especially for this purpose

No, that is not one of our core capabilities. In almost all cases, a local garden design company or landscape gardening contractor will carry out this work (in close consultation with us).

Yes, this is possible by sprinkling it with de-icing salt. However, please note that frost can lead to reductions in the fall protection properties.

Yes, this is possible on slopes of up to 45°. A water-permeable, bound base layer is needed for this.