REGUPOL dynamic classic

Product details

REGUPOL dynamic classic

Product details

Traditional, point-elastic sports floor for multi-purpose halls. Select the appropriate base layer thickness to suit your requirements.

For decades, REGUPOL dynamic classic has been our proven and reliable sports floor, installed in sports and multi-purpose halls for all manner of applications all over the world. Its elastic REGUPOL base layer has been adapted to meet the demands of many different sports, is made of our REGUPOL material and is characterised by a long service life and reliably consistent properties.

You can specifically choose the thickness and degree of elasticity of the REGUPOL base layer, depending on the elasticity and force reduction levels you need for your sports hall application. We will then manufacture this layer for our sports floor in thicknesses between four and twelve millimetres.

A good thing to know is that the system thickness of 9 + 2 mm for our REGUPOL dynamic classic sports floor has been tested in accordance with the European standard EN 14904.

The seamless wear layers of our polyurethane sports floors are all provided with a colour finish. Please find the available colours below. We have a wide range for you to choose from.

REGUPOL dynamic classic
As dynamic as our REGUPOL sports-hall floors

As dynamic as our REGUPOL sports-hall floors

In summer 2021, San Miguel Corporation opened their own multipurpose sports-hall in Pasing, Metro Manila, Philippines. This fully climatized sports-hall got three international sized basketball courts and was dedicated for the use by the company’s own three professional…

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Colour and pattern selection


  • Long service life
  • can be renovated
  • protection function
  • good ball rebound behaviour,
  • jointless
  • easy to clean
  • non-slip
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