Nahansicht Sportboden mit Sprintbahnen

Sports facility "Auf dem Stöppel"

Top performance after almost 50 years in use

Sports facility "Auf dem Stöppel"

Top performance after almost 50 years in use

Until 2020, REGUPOL's first outdoor sports surface could be found in the company’s home town of Bad Berleburg at the sports facility "Auf dem Stöppel". The surface was almost 50 years old. Built in 1972, the multifunctional facility was used for school and club sports in the local community. The REGUPOL mat, which forms the sports floor’s base layer, was still in perfect working order after all these years. The force reduction, deflection, tear, stretch and spike resistance still met European standards right up until it was decommissioned in 2020. This was confirmed by a number of on-site measurements and laboratory tests on samples taken. Even after almost five decades of use by local schools and sports clubs, as well as exposure to the harsh weather conditions in the Rothaar mountains, our REGUPOL material still did its job!

REGUPOL succeeds where other fail

It was not the REGUPOL material but the entire substructure, including the asphalt, that no longer complied with regulations, causing subsidence to occur irregularly over the entire surface. The facility included a 130 m sprint track, a high-jump fan and a multi-track long jump pit. Several ball-game pitches were marked out across the facility. The area measured about 2,570 square metres, about a quarter of a football field. We have now installed our REGUPOL champion AG running track surface on the "Auf dem Stöppel" sports arena, using the revolutionary 4.0 installation technology.

Project overview

  • Multipurpose area with a 130 m sprint track, a high-jump fan and a multi-track long jump pit
  • REGUPOL’s first outdoor sports surface was 50 years old and still performed
  • Renovation of the area using the revolutionary 4.0 installation

REGUPOL sports surfacing- top quality made in Germany and made to last

REGUPOL: Everything from a single source

First, the old REGUPOL sports floor was peeled off. The upper asphalt layer was then milled out and preplaced with a new one. A special version of our REGUPOL floor rolls was glued to the asphalt over its entire surface using our two-component PUR adhesive. As this elastic layer has been treated with our new 4.0 technology, the liquid polyurethane coating can then be applied to it directly, without having to carry out the previously obligatory pore sealing process. This saves time and money and the installation is more reliable and less dependent on the weather. We are the only company in the world working with this technology, which was developed by REGUPOL! The self-levelling polyurethane coating is broadcast with EPDM granules, resulting in a seamless, completely homogeneous sports surface with the same physical properties throughout the entire facility. The new markings for the 130-metre sprint track and the high jump and long jump facilities completed the renovation work. All in all, the refurbishment took about 4 weeks.

From our home for our home

For us at REGUPOL, it really was a great experience to be able to renew one of the very first sports floors we ever installed after all this time, and to do it in our home town and production location of Bad Berleburg. And what's more, the REGUPOL material convinced everyone. Since the re-opening, REGUPOL has consistently received positive feedback from the athletics section at the local sports club.