“Reiterhof Eulenmühle” stables, Ingelheim

Our paddock floor: the clear favourite in long-term field test

“Reiterhof Eulenmühle” stables, Ingelheim

Our paddock floor: the clear favourite in long-term field test

For 10 years, the Reiterhof Eulenmühle stables at Ingelheim in Rheinlad-Pfalz, Germany tested paddock mat systems from 5 well-known manufacturers – including our paddock slabs, REGUPOL equiline multi XL, and our REGUPOL equiline walkway interlocking pavers. At the time, the prestigious riding magazine “Reiter Revue International” wanted to find out which paddock flooring could withstand the daily wear and tear best of all under the same conditions. For 20 years after the experiment was launched, there’s still only one winner for stable owner Wiltrud Heine: she would love to equip all her paddocks with REGUPOL floors. She is totally convinced of their uncompromising performance, excellent rain permeability and outstanding weather resistance.

„The REGUPOL products are easy to clean and the horses play, lie down and roll around on them. [...] The rubber mat works without any footing, it lets the rain through and is extremely easy to keep clean. [...] The mats are robust but elastic. Our horses can stand securely on them and don’t wear their hooves down.“

Wiltrud Heine, stable owner

Dry feet without any footing

On a test area of around 180 square metres, four to six horses trampled around on our paddock floor year after year. The result: right from the start, we came out as the clear favourite in this direct comparison. Especially the fact that our system provided maximum comfort and a very secure stance without any footing at all went down extremely well with the horses at Reiterhof Eulenmühle and really impressed the owners, as well. After all, this cuts out follow-up costs, enables dirt to be swept away easily and keeps the horses clean in all weathers.

Project overview

  • Test on paddock with REGUPOL equestrian floorings
  • Ideal conditions after 20 years of use
  • secure stance on REGUPOL without any footing
  • More information on the Reiterhof Eulenmühle can be found here

Long-lasting and cost-saving

The elastic REGUPOL floors for horse keeping have been on the market in their present form for some 40 years now – and even those that have been in place the longest can still show themselves from their best side. The long service life pays off in a really short time and is what makes our equestrian floors so economical, as Wiltrud Heine can also confirm: “Compared to systems that use footing, the initial outlay costs for REGUPOL can be recovered after about five years.” In general, focussing on quality is very important for the committed stable owner. Since she started developing the Eulenmühle farm into a modern, professionally oriented riding facility in 1996, she’s won countless awards. We are proud to be a part of this success and hope the horse at Eulenmühle will continue to feel happy and at home on our paddock floor.