Pardatschgratbahn, Ischgl

REGUPOL everroll alpine winter sports floors installed in valley station

Pardatschgratbahn, Ischgl

REGUPOL everroll alpine winter sports floors installed in valley station

Once a mountain farming village in Tyrol, Ischgl is now one of Austria’s most popular ski resorts. The village lies at an altitude of 1,377 m in the Silvretta Arena ski region, one of the largest, but also one of the most snow-sure skiing areas in the Alps.

Between the valley station in Ischgl and the mountain station on the Pardatschgrat, the Silvrettaseilbahn AG’s 3-S cable car travels 3,400 metres, while overcoming an altitude difference of 1,251 metres. The valley station for the planned cable car is divided into the cable car section, which houses the technology including the cabins, and the infrastructure section, which is connected by bridges and whose four levels are linked by escalators and lifts.

A ski depot and servicing area are located on the lowest level, while a sports shop and the ski rental await visitors on the level above. At ground level is the ticket office with a covered waiting area, while the top level provides access to the cable car.

Project overview

  • approx. 2,400 m² of installed area with REGUPOL everroll alpine winter sports flooring (tiles and rolls).
  • Installation of tiles and rolls in the Pardatschgratbahn valley station, Ischgl, Austria

Safety is the top priority

Despite the growth and expansion provided by new cable cars and slopes, accidents in ski resorts have decreased significantly in recent years. This development is not only due to improved standards of information for visitors, but also to the cable car companies’ introduction of extensive safety measures and safety facilities. And they do a very good job, even before the tens of thousands visitors each year get into the cable car cabins or are transported up the mountain. The reason for this is that slip resistance requirements for access, waiting and boarding areas at cable car stations are very strict and can only be met by floor coverings suitable for winter sports facilities. That’s why the planners and the operator (Silvrettaseilbahn AG) relied on the tried and tested REGUPOL everroll alpine winter sports floors when constructing the 3-S Pardatschgratbahn valley station.

In the approximately 1,100 m² ski depot, REGUPOL everroll alpine EL mycreation Cfl-s1 floor tiles were used especially for the installation of the floor. The two-layer, 1,000 x 500 mm tiles were laid loosely on the GRP grid construction to guarantee that the tiles can be removed easily at any time for maintenance and inspection purposes. The approx. 11 mm thick, highly resilient wear layer is resistant to all usual loads, as well as steel runner blades, ski poles and ski boots, and it is also very lightfast. The PUR-bonded rubber fibres of the soft base layer are very pleasant to walk on. The colour design of the approx. 30 mm thick tiles was created according to the client's wishes and matched with the floor surfaces installed on the other levels.

Using the same colour scheme, but with a different finish, approx. 1,300 m² of the boarding level with its sports shop and ski rental, as well as the ticket office area in the valley station, were fitted with REGUPOL everroll alpine mycreation. The 6 mm thick floor covering used here is just as hard-wearing and slip-resistant as REGUPOL everoll alpine EL. Depending on the version, the special elastic floor can also be used on outdoor surfaces around the building.

By choosing the mycreation variant from our winter sports floor range for the valley station, the clients took the opportunity to benefit from the individual floor design options.