REGUPOL sonusfit m 519

For fitness studios

The 95 mm thick gym system floor presents a cost-effective option with high acoustic performance.

REGUPOL sonusfit m 519 is a multi-layer system consisting of 4 layers. Springing, damping and stiffening layers in combination with REGUPOL everroll ensure the high acoustic efficiency and at the same time excellent sports functional properties. The floor system can be used on the bare ceiling or screed. 
The reduction of the maximum sound pressure level is ∆LAF,max   36 dB.

REGUPOL sonusfit m 519


  • Integrated fitness floor covering for gyms
  • Perfect combination of acoustics and sport functionality
  • Flexible design for various sound protection levels
  • For retrofitting and new buildings

Technical Specifications


Polyurethane elastomer composite
Surface: REGUPOL everroll


95 mm

Weight per m²

approx. 50 kg

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