REGUPOL everroll alpine MT

Product Details

REGUPOL everroll alpine MT

Product Details


REGUPOL everroll alpine MT can be laid in various areas of your winter sports facility. Slip-resistant and tough enough for transport trolleys.

Our dual-layer REGUPOL everroll alpine MT tile has a base layer and a wear layer. The wear layer is our everroll ultimate or classic decor group. In combination with the ultimate wear layer, this tile product for winter sports facilities provides flame retardancy, enabling you to meet the fire protection requirements in your winter sports area. If you have any questions about fire protection, please feel free to contact us. We will work with you to find the right solution for your needs.

REGUPOL everroll alpine MT
Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze
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Colour and pattern selection


  • durable
  • sustainable
  • de-icing salt resistant
  • weather resistant
  • non-slip
  • quick to lay
  • trafficable
  • sustainable

Technical Specifications


ultimate wear layer: Elastic, two-ply sheet material made of PUR-bonded EPDM-granules, with 100 % EPDM colour content.
classic wear layer:
Elastic, two-layer sheet material made of PUR-bonded SBR-granules, with 20 % EPDM colour content.

Fields of application

Mountain and base station


27 mm

Standard dimensions

1,000 x 500 mm

Slip resistance

R 10 according to DIN 51130 (02.2014) and ASR A1.5/1.2

Impact resistance

> 21 Nm following EN 14904 / EN 1517.

Force reduction

Approx. 39 % based on EN 14904 / 14808

Impact sound reduction

22 dB based on DIN EN ISO 10140

Fire classification

ultimate: Cfl s1 according to EN 13501-1:2010-01 / EN9239-1:2010-11
classic: Efl according to EN 13501-1:2010-01 / EN9239-1:2010-11

Salt water resistance

resistant according to DIN EN ISO 175


Five standard colours, individual colours available on request.

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Reliable safety with REGUPOL everroll alpine MT

In many areas in winter sports facilities, the floor can be wet or damp - a safety risk for your guests. Especially in heavy ski boots, walking safely across wet floors can be a real challenge. In your alpine sports areas, there is an increased risk of slipping. Thanks to our REGUPOL everroll alpine MT tiles, the walkways in your winter sports facility are slip-resistant. REGUPOL everroll alpine MT tiles offer a level of forgiveness when stepped on and thus ensure a stable surface in your winter sports facility area which is safe underfoot - especially for people wearing ski boots.

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