REGUPOL climb fun

Product details

REGUPOL climb fun

Product details

Seamless safety floor for sport climbing, installed on site. Tested fall protection and countless design possibilities.

REGUPOL climb fun is suitable for use in tree-top climbing parks and in front of outdoor climbing walls in the open air. It also has very good fall protection properties. When selecting the wear layer, you can be very creative and choose from countless different colours and decor options. Design your own individual climbing floor. Our fitters will lay the seamless safety surface REGUPOL climb fun for you, as the in-situ installation method requires special expertise. Enjoy your climbing in safety – and you’re even allowed to look down – onto a fall protecting safety floor with a top design.
REGUPOL climb fun is a safety floor with many different properties; completely weather-resistant, no dirt on the walls or worn hand-holds. A safety floor for outdoor climbing has to fulfil a range of demands, all of which we can meet. Elastic, decorative, seamless and safe. Care and maintenance is easy and takes very little time and effort. Just ask us!

REGUPOL climb fun
Climbing Centre Innsbruck, Austria

Climbing Centre Innsbruck, Austria

Surrounded by snow-covered mountains, Innsbruck, the capital of the Austrian state of Tirol, is a well-known destination for climbing holidays. However, the city doesn’t only offer climbers boulders and mountains. At the very point where the rivers Sill and Inn join together,…

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Colour and pattern selection


  • Long life
  • Refurbishable & cleanable
  • Sustainable
  • Aesthetic & sculptable
  • Permeable to water
  • Barrier-free & jointless
  • Certified 
  • Weatherproof
  • Non-slip 
  • Trafficable

Technical Specifications


Wear layer consisting of fully dyed through EPDM granules mixed with a PU binding agent.


Two-layer structure consisting of wear layer and base layer

Thickness of base layer + wear layer | Maximum fall height

35 + 10mm | 1.36m
50 + 10mm | 1.73m
65 + 10mm | 1.90m
75 + 10mm | 2.33m
85 + 10mm | 2.50m
120 + 10mm | 3.00m

Maximum fall height

Up to a maximum of 3.00 m, depending on safety floor’s overall thickness
Impact attenuation test in acc. with playground standard DIN EN 1177

Anti-slip behaviour

Complies with assessment group R10 (optional, R11 also possible). Certified by the DGUV


The flooring is installed by our trained and qualified fitters.

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