Outdoor safety flooring tiles

Do you have a question about our REGUPOL playfix safety tiles? We are sure you will find an answer here.

Because they are very safe and will last for many years.

You can get our products in over 20 different colours.
Just take a look at the relevant product pages or contact us directly.

Our safety tiles can be laid on a bound (asphalt or concrete) as well as on an unbound base layer (bed of gravel or chippings). 

No, when laying the tiles on an unbound base layer, we recommend using the plug-in dowel system, which makes sure the tiles do not slip. From a thickness of 75 mm, we recommend bonding the joints as well.

When laying the tiles on a bound sub-base, we recommend spot bonding them to the subfloor.

Info: REGUPOL playfix VB can be installed in exactly the same way as concrete paving.

EPDM granules

The material for the wear layer is EPDM (ethylene propylene diene (monomer) rubber). In our manufacturing process, it is enriched with a polyurethane binder, compacted and pressed into the familiar fall protection and elastic safety tiles. Rubber granulate or rubber fibre materials are used as backfill. EPDM granulate is dyed completely and provides a high colour brilliance with a range of over 20 different colours.

Rubber fibres

Rubber fibres provide a high level of resistance and durability. This is because the fibres interlock during the mixing process and, due to subsequent compression, form a viscoplastic mass that has an outstanding level of resistance to mechanical influences of all kinds. This is why the safety tiles made of this material are extraordinarily strong.

Rubber granulate

Safety tiles made of rubber granulate are the lower-priced products.


No, this is not necessary. For a small surcharge, we will send you the material by truck, with unloading included.

If the colour fastness of our REGUPOL playfix safety tiles is particularly important to you, then choose our EPDM products. The special feature of the safety tiles with the EPDM wear layer is that this synthetic material is dyed completely and does not lose its colour even under intensive use. The effects of intense UV radiation are also significantly lower than on conventional products. Therefore, these REGUPOL playfix safety and elastic tiles guarantee a long-term colourful and uniform appearance in all playgrounds and play areas.

Yes, this is possible if an appropriate quantity is ordered.

The simple answer is: use a jigsaw with a coarse wood saw blade.

Yes, this can be done very easily. Please take a look to our installation instructions.

If the tiles are driven over slowly and in a straight line (the shearing forces resulting from steering movements would destroy the tiles), the risk of damage is reduced, but it cannot be completely ruled out. The tiles (and in most cases also the sub-base) cannot withstand being driven over by a car or truck. Leaking liquids (e.g. oils, lubricants, etc.) can have a very strong effect on the tiles and cause long-term damage.

The playground equipment you have will determine the fall height you need to comply with. This fall height is what determines the required tile thickness.

If there is no playground equipment and our material is "only" used for children to play on, a minimum thickness of 30 mm is sufficient in most cases.

Yes, our safety tiles are very permeable to water. Even after heavy rainfall, they are ready for use again very quickly. 

The safety tiles should be swept with a broom to remove coarse dirt whenever necessary; this also prevents algae building up.

Several times a year, the tiles should be cleaned of more stubborn dirt particles with a high-pressure cleaner (without rotating nozzle). 

This depends on the intensity of use and the care / cleaning. Our experience has shown that a safety tile can last many years. (Assuming the correct care and sub-base).

Yes, there are. Please call us and we will be happy to provide you with reference addresses.

If you are in Germany and the goods are in stock, you will receive them within a few days

Yes, they do at the beginning, just like any other floor. However, this odour will become significantly less noticeable over the course of the first few weeks/months. Our safety tiles have no harmful effects on your health.

We will be happy to send you small samples.

Yes, this is possible from a net value of 1,000 EUR.

We have local experts in almost all regions of Germany. Please contact us and we will be happy to give you the right person to contact.

Yes, we do, depending on the size of the project.

Yes, this is possible if an appropriate quantity is ordered. Please take a look to our Flooring Designer. 

The European Waste Catalogue (EWC number) code number applies to all our safety tiles. This EWC code refers to actual waste according to its origin and is therefore not product-related but application-related.

The waste key according to the European Waste Catalogue (EWC number 070299) refers to the real wastes origin and therefore is not product- but use-oriented. For more detailed information, please refer to the product’s safety data sheet.

With regard to compliance with local regulations, please contact your local waste disposal company.