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Indoor climbing

With REGUPOL climbing hall floors, safety always comes first

Climbing halls are very popular, both with professional and hobby climbers. Whatever the season, temperature or weather, climbing enthusiasts can improve their skills and test their limits. The thrill of reaching the top is their greatest motivation and it also enhances their trust in their belaying partner on the ground. Something going wrong spoils everything. That’s why, in climbing halls, the safety of the climbers always comes first - beginning with the selection of safety flooring. To optimize safety in climbing halls, we have developed our REGUPOL climbing hall floors. Their slip-resistant, seamless surface provides a secure footing, whatever the situation. The force reducing structure of our safety floor systems minimizes the risk of injury in the event of a fall – even from critical fall heights.

The wear layer of our climbing hall floor is very resilient and hard wearing. You can even drive an elevating platform across the floor. In addition, our climbing hall floors have very good fire protection properties and are easy to clean.


Our Products

For Indoor Climbing

REGUPOL climb 42

REGUPOL climb 42

Our REGUPOL climb 42 climbing hall floor combines fall protection properties and safety with aspects of well-being.

REGUPOL climb 77

REGUPOL climb 77

Our REGUPOL climb 77 climbing hall floor provides increased safety for climbers due to its tested fall protection properties.

Individual design thanks to regupol climbing hall floors

REGUPOL climb offers unlimited ways to create your own one-of-a-kind floor design. Each collection offers a wide range of colors along with design capabilities. REGUPOL surfaces deliver the look you want without sacrificing performance. 

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