Sports floors for track & field

The term tartan track was first used at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico as a synonym for synthetic running tracks. As the brand name Tartan, then owned by a US manufacturer of synthetic running tracks, spread worldwide in the 1970s, it soon became a generic term for athletics surfaces made of a wide variety of synthetic materials. REGUPOL also uses the term on this website as a synonym for its synthetic running track surfaces.

Because they last very long and provide the same physical properties everywhere on the track.

A standard tartan track is usually 400 metres long. Here you can find the marking plan of a 400 m tartan track from World Athletics.

Each REGUPOL running track was developed to suit a certain need. Furthermore, the pricing structure, duration of installation, the ability for renovation as well as regional practices play a role in the development process. Our REGUPOL experts will help you to find the track system that will suit you the most.

Ideal for us is a dry surface, sunny weather with temperatures between 15 °C and 30 °C. Rain during installation will stop the process immediately. Night frost will slow down / stop the whole installation as well.

Yes, there are almost no limits. Please keep in mind that you might, depending on the modification, not meet the standards.

Either manually and some with the help of machinery. Most of our REGUPOL running track systems do contain prefabricated components, therefore the installation is significantly less elaborate.

We can provide you with a care and maintenance instruction for our REGUPOL tartan tracks.  Please contact us for further information.

As a general rule: We need a bound subbase (asphalt or concrete). Either permeable or impermeable. The only exception is our Regupol champion AGF. For this system an unbound subbase is sufficient. We are happy to provide more detailed information upon request.

In most cases asphalt is used as a subbase for a REGUPOL synthetic athletic track, concrete is also possible, however: The decision what type of bound subbase should be used will be discussed with a REGUPOL expert after assessing the local situation.

REGUPOL can put you in contact with specialists in this field.

Yes, we are happy to do so. Please get in contact with us for all necessary information.

Yes, there are plenty of possibilities. You can test the appearance of a colour with our REGUPOL Flooring Designer. Even custom-colours are possible.  Please get in contact with us for all necessary information on the colours for our REGUPOL running tracks.

Depending on the rate of wear, there are various possibilities to refurbish the track surface. We are pleased to help you find the best refurbishment option.

That depends on the size of the area affected and on the type of wearing surface. It costs far less to recoat a synthetic track than to build a new one. You can expect that a Facelift will cost about 50-60 % of the price for a new track. Refurbishment of partial areas naturally costs far less.

Depending on the intensity of use it is possible that in „high stress“ areas (e. g. javelin and take-offareas) partial repairs (patching) might be necessary. If this patching is done properly, there will be no change to its technical properties.

Yes, this is possible. Please get in contact with a REGUPOL expert for further advice.

Yes, the competition tracks from REGUPOL have official WORD ATHLETICS Certificates.

REGUPOL has decades of experience in the construction of WORD ATHLETICS certified sports facilities. Please get in contact with a REGUPOL expert.

The certification of a REGUPOL running track is done by an WORD ATHLETICS accredited surveyor and an WORD ATHLETICS-approved laboratory.

There are a lot of references. Please contact our REGUPOL experts for more information.

Yes, REGUPOL can do both.

REGUPOL is way more than just the manufacturer and installation company. REGUPOL offers the complete planning of your running track project. We can prepare the whole tender document. So the whole project can be handled through one source.

Small samples can be sent to you. Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.