Winter sports floors

Ice rinks

Ice rinks

Resilient winter sports floors in ice rinks

Ice rinks and arenas are often extremely busy: due to club sports and public events for young and old. The visitors to your ice rink are very different and have individual intentions. But one thing unites them all: the fun and enjoyment of movement on the ice. Guests sliding and gliding around on your rink’s artificial ice surface is intentional - but not on the surfaces around it. Our recycled rubber floors are slip resistant and therefore prevent your guests from slipping unintentionally when used as a border around artificial ice surfaces. In addition, it is robust and resilient and so protects the sub-floor from damage - even in highly frequented areas.


Our Products

For ice rinks

REGUPOL aktiv for Winter Recreation

Winter-friendly REGUPOL akiv is an excellent flooring choice for areas with high volume foot traffic coming into ski facilities from the snow.

REGUPOL aktivplus for Winter Recreation

1/2-in thick rubber flooring designed to withstand wintry conditions and the havoc it creates for your flooring.

Comfort in other areas of your ice sports arena

You can be sure that you have made the right choice when choosing durable and hard-wearing REGUPOL aktiv or aktivplus for rink sides, transitional spaces, and locker room areas. Our ice rink flooring is extra tough, shock-absorbing, easy-to-clean, and slip-resistant even in wet conditions. 

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