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Ball Games

Impact absorbing regupol indoor sports floors – for ball games of all kinds

Inside indoor sports and athletic complexes, you will find turf fields, basketball courts, multi-purpose courts, fitness faciliites, locker rooms, even specified areas for meetings and events. Despite the many advantages of outdoor sports facilities, such as space and natural light, indoor complexes offer more efficient sports playing solutions – people don't have to skip games because of the weather and can play comfortably in a safe, climate-controlled environment.  Since each ball sport requires a different type of field or court, you'll need to ensure your sports complex has the appropriate space and flooring. With installations worldwide, our indoor multi-purpose sports surfaces have earned high marks for their consistent athletic performance and athlete safety.  They are designed to provide the highest levels of surface performance with longwearing capabilities and low maintenance. REGUPOL sports floors are elastic, easy on joints and tendons, and offer very good ball rebound characteristics. 

Do you have any questions on the structure of our indoor sports floors? Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you and discuss any customer-specific adaptation our floor systems  to suit your requirements.  

Our Products

For Ball games

REGUPOL dynamic classic

Traditional, point-elastic sports floor for multi-purpose facilities. Select the appropriate base layer thickness to suit your requirements.

REGUPOL dynamic neo

REGUPOL dynamic neo has the highest force reduction value of all our indoor sports floors. For minimized risk of injury.

REGUPOL dynamic eco

REGUPOL dynamic eco is our cost-efficient sports floor for indoor ball games and recreational sports. Floor system with low installation height.

Surface color, markings and lines on your sports hall floor

 We offer a wide selection of colors to use for floor area, markings, and lines. Select different colors to show the various pitch and court boundaries clearly.  You can also apply a different colored PUR finish to different sections of your sports hall that assist in court designation, a factor that can have a positive impact on a visitor's experience. 

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