REGUPOL multicourt kombi

Product Details

REGUPOL multicourt kombi

Product Details

Our two-layer, highly durable multi-purpose surface for all ball games. The layers are laminated together permanently on site.

REGUPOL multicourt kombi is a two-layer multifunctional sports floor for training, school sports, trend sports and fun courts. The prefabricated, highly elastic material made of rubber granulates is rolled out and glued like a carpet onto an asphalt or concrete sub-base. A robust REGUPOL wear layer made of new rubber granules is then glued on top of this in the same way. This creates a two-layer, robust playing surface with excellent ball response properties for fast ball games.

REGUPOL multicourt kombi

Color and pattern selection

REGUPOL Chromalab ™

Try out styles, colors, and textures to create a one-of-a-kind floor.


  • excellent ball rebound
  • two-layer floor for fast ball games
  • long service life
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Peter Breuer
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Two-layer court surface for fun and games

REGUPOL multicourt kombi is a very durable, long-lasting surface for maximum playing enjoyment. Its permanent elasticity is uniform, providing optimum ball response. There are a number of colours to choose from for the surface of your REGUPOL multicourt kombi, as well as for the lines and markings.

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