REGUPOL equiline stable

Product details

REGUPOL equiline stable

Product details

Our stable tiles with studded underside provide good drainage properties, highly effective noise insulation and are gentle on hooves and joints.

REGUPOL equiline stable – premeditated permeability

REGUPOLequiline stable tiles are ideal wherever outstanding draining is required, including in boxes, wash bays, wash areas, open stalls, and shelters, as these tiles have a studded underside. Laid on a concrete sub-base with a gradient and drain, water and urine seep through quickly and reliably. Especially in boxes, this means you can save up to three quarters of the normally required amount of bedding. For horses with respiratory problems, you can even do without it altogether – and your animals will still be kept warm and dry. Cleaning the tiles is also quick and easy: just sweep the floor clean and every now and then, use a pressure washer to clean it thoroughly.

REGUPOL equiline stable

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REGUPOL equiline stable: the stable tiles for horse boxes, stalls, wash bays and more.

REGUPOL equiline stable (surface)

REGUPOL equiline stable (surface)

REGUPOL equiline stable tiles convert your boxes and stalls into places of well-being for contented horses.

REGUPOL equiline stable (underside)

REGUPOL equiline stable (underside)

Our stable tiles with studded underside provide good drainage properties.

Color and pattern selection


  • bedding is reduced
  • gentle on hooves and joints
  • high sound absorption
  • heat insulating
  • slip resistant
  • optimum drainage properties thanks to studded underside

Technical Specifications


flooring for box, open stall, wash bay


PUR binders, components made of synthetic rubber (coloured)


1,000 x 1,000 x 50 mm
tolerances: length/width ± 1 % | thickness ± 2 mm


approx. 39 kg/m²


tiles, single-layer structure, with studded underside, knob height approx. 15 mm

Slip resistance

R 10


Can be laid loose on concrete / asphalt with a gradient of 1 to 2 % towards the drainage point. Edging elements required. Drain / drainage required.


product sample service, individual consulting, instructions for cleaning and care, repairs and renovation possible

Water permeability

permeable to water

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John Aten
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What makes our stable tiles so fundamentally good

Your horses should feel comfortable and at ease in their boxes. The right flooring has a significant role to play here. That’s why, besides their permeability, our REGUPOL equiline stable tiles combine a range of other qualities to guarantee your horses’ wellbeing. For instance, the elastic box mats form a soft, non-slip surface which is gentle on joints and tendons, while at the same time ensuring the animals are on a secure footing. Reliable noise insulation makes sure your horses get the rest they need, leaving them refreshed, calm and looking forward to an adventurous day’s riding.

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