REGUPOL equiline allround

Product details

REGUPOL equiline allround

Product details

Our flooring is highly elastic with a low installation height. It is bonded into place which gives it a surface that’s virtually impermeable to water.

REGUPOL equiline allround – virtually water impermeable

Lots of horse owners prefer an impermeable floor for their indoor facilities. With REGUPOL, you have the choice between our water and urine permeable stable tiles and, as a highly efficient alternative, our robust floor surfaceREGUPOL equiline allround. This surface is virtually impermeable to water, leaving any dirt lying on the surface, so that it can be removed quickly and completely. Installation couldn’t be easier: the non-slip surface is bonded in 12 mm thick sheets onto a level and dry sub-base – the correct adhesive is also provided, of course. This will provide your horses with a safe and secure footing for many years, as there are little visible seams. REGUPOL equiline allround is also ideal for floors equine clinics, because it is very hard wearing, quiet under hooves and highly hygienic.

REGUPOL equiline allround

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REGUPOL equiline allround: virtually water impermeable stable floors.

Equestrian Centre “Mas de Vallalta“, Spain

Equestrian Centre “Mas de Vallalta“, Spain

With REGUPOL equiline allround installed in boxes you will need much less bedding.

Veterinary school “Universidas Complutense” in Madrid, Spain

Veterinary school “Universidas Complutense” in Madrid, Spain

REGUPOL equiline allround is an ideal floor wherever horses need medical care.

Color and pattern selection


  • low installation height
  • virtually impermeable to water
  • slip resistant
  • highly resilient

Technical Specifications


flooring for box, stable aisle, open stall, wash bay and veterinary clinic


PUR binders, components made of synthetic rubber

Sheet dimensions

width: 1,250 mm, length: 10 m


12 mm


approx. 12 kg/m²


sheets, standard length: 10 m, different lengths upon request

Slip resistance

R 10


Bonded to the entire area of the concrete / asphalt subbase.
Gradient of 1.5 to 2 % towards the drainage point required.


The appropriate adhesive can be obtained from us upon request.


product sample service, individual consulting, instructions for cleaning and care, repairs and renovation possible

Water permeability

virtually impermeable to water

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John Aten
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What makes our water impermeable stable floor so good

The REGUPOL equiline allround floor surface is bonded into place quickly and is extremely robust and resilient. Even after 10 years under heavy duty use, there’s no reason to expect any serious wear and tear. Besides their efficiency, this water-impermeable material shares the same outstanding qualities that make all our equestrian floors so impressive: it is sound-absorbing, heat-insulating and is gentle on your horses’ joints. Thanks to the elasticity of this slip-resistant surface, you will also need much less bedding, which also pays off economically – and significantly cuts the time you need to spend mucking out!

REGUPOL equiline allround

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