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Events and multi-purpose use

Events and multi-purpose halls

Perfect performances on regupol sports hall floors

While REGUPOL is synonymous with sports, our indoor sports surfaces are also an excellent choice for multi-purpose use, beyond sporting events. Our floor systems are extremely hard-wearing and maintain their impact absorbing elasticity even under heavy loads and after many years of use. Street shoes, seating, spilled drinks pose no problems at all.

If you’re planning a new multi-purpose space or you’d like to renew the old floor in an existing one, why not speak to our experts. We’ll be happy to help you select the right floor system for your multi-purpose project.

Our Products

For Events and multi-purpose use

REGUPOL dynamic SR

REGUPOL dynamic SR is our highly resilient sports floor. Its robust wear layer is spike resistant.

REGUPOL dynamic classic

Traditional, point-elastic sports floor for multi-purpose facilities. Select the appropriate base layer thickness to suit your requirements.

REGUPOL dynamic neo

REGUPOL dynamic neo has the highest force reduction value of all our indoor sports floors. For minimized risk of injury.

REGUPOL dynamic inline

REGUPOL dynamic inline is especially suitable for inline skating, but can also be used for ball games and other indoor sports of all kinds.

REGUPOL dynamic FL

REGUPOL dynamic FL is our new coating for sports hall floors. Renovate or refurbish the floor in your sports hall or multi-purpose arena.

REGUPOL dynamic eco

REGUPOL dynamic eco is our cost-efficient sports floor for indoor ball games and recreational sports. Floor system with low installation height.

REGUPOL sports hall floors – easy to clean, hygienic and low-maintenance

REGUPOL dynamic indoor sports floors are a worthwhile investment. The durability and load-bearing capacity of our floor systems reduce renovation work to a minimum. Additionally,  maintenance requirements are minimal. This makes them a hygienic, low-maintenance and long-lasting solution for your multi-purpose space. And the colored PUR coating means your indoor sports floor can be laid in whatever color you choose.

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