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Ergonomic flooring for Physcial Therapy Offices

Being a physical therapist is immensely rewarding, but it is hard work.  A lot of time is spent standing, crouching, and bending. Take the ache out of standing all day with our ergonomically designed Aktiv roll rubber flooring or AkivLok rubber interlocking tiles. Each offers the perfect blend of comfort—cushioned yet supportive—for all-day comfort. 

Slips, trips, and falls happen. With the added cushion of our rubber floors, every patient step is supported by superior comfort, durability, and traction. And because Aktiv and AktivLok provide shock absorption, they help protect against injury when falls do happen. 

Our Products

For Physical Therapy

REGUPOL aktiv Rolled Rubber Flooring

REGUPOL aktiv Rolled Rubber Flooring

3/8-in x 48-in wide
5/16-in x 48-in wide
1/4-in x 48-in wide

Energy Restitution 85%-86%
Force Reduction 12.9%-13.7%

REGUPOL aktivlok Interlocking Rubber Tiles

REGUPOL aktivlok Interlocking Rubber Tiles

3/8-in x 24-in x24-in
(Available in Borders, Centers, & Corners)

Energy Restitution 85%
Force Reduction 12.9%

Flooring to support patient and physcial therapist

Your choice in flooring can positively impact patient experience and satisfaction. REGUPOL rubber floors support joints, reduce noise, and prevent slips and falls. Additionally, our rubber floors won't wear out, scratch, or stain. No matter the style, REGUPOL surfaces breathe color, pattern, and good-vibes-only into any space. With these benefits in mind, it's easy to see why rubber flooring is suitable in physical therapy offices. 


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