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Riding arena

Riding arena

Increase safety for your rider and horse with REGUPOL arena borders

There are many different types of riding arenas, suited to many different needs. Various surface layers can be used. Regardless of the surface, however, riding arenas surrounded by borders can give rise to kerbs and edges that can cause injury to both horse and rider - but not with our elastic REGUPOL riding arena edging elements. They provide that little bit of extra elasticity, in case the horse gets too close to the arena edges or the rider takes a tumble in the surrounds. The risk of injury is reduced significantly with our REGUPOL riding arena edging elements.

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REGUPOL equiline border

REGUPOL equiline border

Elastic and robust riding arena edging elements that last and protect.

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If you need any help planning your riding arena, just contact us. We’ll be happy to recommend professional suppliers who can offer you the best support for your planning. Elastic REGUPOL edging elements can be obtained from us, in addition to other equestrian surfaces. Whether for stables, paddocks, and wash bays or in the horse walker, we have the right equestrian floors in well-known REGUPOL quality.

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