REGUPOL equiline border

Product details

REGUPOL equiline border

Product details

Elastic and robust riding arena edging elements that last and protect.

REGUPOL equiline border – the riding arena border that lasts.

The borders around a riding arena should above all else keep the footing where it belongs. Whether it be sand, wood chipping or textile, our REGUPOLequiline border edging helps keep horse arena footing in place.

At the same time, our REGUPOL equiline border elements provide protection for both horse and rider, because when horses step on the arena edges, the impact is deadened by our elastic REGUPOL material. Nevertheless, REGUPOL equiline border is robust, long-lasting and weather resistant. So even if riders do come down to earth with a bump, they can be sure our elastic material will give them the best possible protection. With REGUPOLequiline border, you can have a riding arena bordering on perfection in all requirements of appearance and safety. There are even more floorings that can be edged using our REGUPOL equiline border elements. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

REGUPOL equiline border

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REGUPOL equiline border are elastic and robust riding arena edging elements that last and protect.

Safe borders for riding arenas

Safe borders for riding arenas

The pre-drilled holes to fix the elastic border elements are closed with a plug made from REGUPOL material.

Color and pattern selection


  • high protective function
  • elastic
  • robust

Technical Specifications


elastic edging elements for riding arenas, paddocks, walkways


PUR binders, components made of synthetic rubber (coloured)


1,000 x 300 x 150 mm
tolerances: length/width ± 1 % | thickness ± 2 mm


approx. 40 kg/piece


moulded elastic part, straight element with rounded edges and bolt holes (plugs supplied to close bolt holes)

Slip resistance

R 10


product sample service, individual consulting, instructions for cleaning and care, repairs and renovation possible


Installation by bolting or bonding onto concrete (concrete base) / asphalt sub-base. As an alternative fi xation with reinforcement steel onto leveled and compacted gravel base plus additional bonding of the sides.

Water permeability

permeable to water


plugs made of REGUPOL material for bolt holes, also available as curved 1/8 circle segments

John Aten

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John Aten
Vice-President of Sales USA

The riding arena borders for construction and renovation

Our REGUPOL equiline border elements for riding arenas are not only the ideal choice when building a new arena, but also for improving old ones, as they can be retrofitted very easily. A concrete base is not absolutely necessary. A level, compacted gravel sub-base is quite sufficient, as the REGUPOL riding arena border elements can be installed by fixing iron or steel reinforcing rods into the pre-drilled holes. A plug made of the same REGUPOL material as the border elements stops up the hole to give a uniform appearance to the surface. The front ends of the strong border elements are glued together during installation. And of course, adhesive, plugs and useful tips for installation are also available from REGUPOL.

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