REGUPOL abzorb

High-Performance Shock Pad

REGUPOL abzorb

High-Performance Shock Pad

Our pre-fabricated shock pad offers an extra layer of cushioning for high-impact sports.

REGUPOL abzorb pre-fabricated synthetic turf shock pad is the perfect compliment to a well-constructed artificial turf product. Made from 92% post-consumer tire rubber, Abzorb is suitable for indoor and outdoor use under conventional non-infill synthetic turf systems and infill systems with rubber or sand and rubber. The porous composition of our shock pad underlayment allows water to pass through quickly so fields stay drier, safer, and cleaner.

At REGUPOL, we have the product know-how to help you build the safest playing field possible. Abzorb can be formulated to your shock attenuation specifications for force reduction and other cushioning properties.

Our proven high-performance shock pad is ideal for the following sports field turf:

  • Baseball/Softball
  • Field hockey
  • Football / Rugby
  • Golf
  • Lacross
  • Multi-sport fields
  • Playground turf
  • Soccer
REGUPOL abzorb


  • Maximum comfort underfoot
  • Improves Gmax of the field
  • Maintains long term performance of the field
  • Excellent shock attenuation
  • Uniformity
  • Does not compromise drainage
  • Weather resistant
  • GreenCircle Certified
  • Can contribute to LEED points
  • 16 year warranty

Technical Specifications


92% post-consumer tire rubber

Weight per SqFt

1.04 lb (8mm)
1.3 lb (10mm)
1.56 lb (12mm)

Vertical Permeability

Per ASTM F1551
> 100 in/hr
(Infiltration BS EN 12616)

Critical Fall Height

Per ASTM F3146-18
1.08m (8mm)
1.10m (10mm)
1.23m (12mm)
1.40m (23MM)


Per ASTM D3676
34 lb./cu.ft.

Lateral Transmissivity (0.5% slope)

Per ASTM D4716
0.65 gal/hr/ft (8mm, 10mm)
0.69 gal/hr/ft (12mm)

F355A “Flat” Gmax

112 (8mm)
110 (10mm)
104 (12mm)

F355A “Flat” HIC

Per ASTM F355A
315 (8mm)
309 (10mm)
286 (12mm)

Force Reduction

65% (8mm)
65% (10mm)
66% (12mm)

Vertical Deformation

9.3mm (8mm)
9.6mm (10mm)
9.6mm (12mm)

Energy Restitution

per AAA
38% (8mm)
36% (10mm)
40% (12mm)

Rotational Resistance

Per EN15301
37N (8mm)
39N (10mm)
37N (12mm)

Ball Rebound

Per EN 12235
0.85m (8mm)
0.81m (10mm)
0.92m (12mm)

Tensile Strength

per ASTM D412
> 50 psi

Tensile Elongation at Break

per ASTM D412
> 55%

Compression Set B

Per ASTM D395
< 18%

Coefficient of Friction

Per ASTM D2047
1.0 G

Microbiological Analysis

Per ASTM G21-96 \
No growth 1-14 days

Temperature Resistance

- 40°C to 115° C

Compression Strength Rebound Compaction %

Per ASTM D3575-08

at 25% strain
92.47% (8mm) 90.83% (10mm) 91.44% (12mm)

at 50% strain
89.50% (8mm) 90.27% (10mm) 88.21% (12mm)

at 75% strain
90.63% (8mm) 89.36% (10mm) 92.50% (12mm)


Standard Thickness


Custom Thickness

Available upon request. Allow extra lead time.

Standard Width


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