REGUPOL aktivplus High-Performance Rubber Flooring

1/2" Thick Flooring System

REGUPOL aktivplus High-Performance Rubber Flooring

1/2" Thick Flooring System

1/2-in x 48-in wide rolls with REGUPOL crash In-Laid Platforms

Energy Restitution 80.2%
Force Reduction 19.7%

Step up to the next level with REGUPOL aktivplus – 1/2" thick high-density sports flooring.  Developed to withstand the abuse of performance training — it is a full 25% thicker than our REGUPOL aktiv rolled rubber flooring for added durability and shock absorption – for the more demanding needs many of the country’s student and recreational athletic facilities need, and it’s a solid rolled flooring product, virtually seamless when installed. Place it under heavy workout equipment, including weight racks, machines, exercise equipment, and even as platform flooring for Olympic lifting stations. Aktivplus is available in 12 standard colors with options for custom color matching and logos.

Looking to incorporate flush inlaid platforms? We can marry  our aktivplus floor with REGUPOL crash drop zones, allowing for Olympic platforms to sit perfectly in-line with the rest of the floor and, in turn, maximizing space for athletes, limiting tripping hazards, and making it much easier to clean. Crash is our ultra-dense, proprietary surface engineered to withstand the rigors and abuse of heavy impact in the weight room. It was designed to mitigate noise, reverberation, and the bounceback of the barbell to better enhance athlete safety and well-being. It is available in four standard thicknesses: 3.8-in, 1/2-in, 3/4-in, or 1-in so you can select a thickness that best meets your individual facility needs.

REGUPOL aktivplus High-Performance Rubber Flooring

Color and pattern selection


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  • Extremely durable
  • Virtually seamless appearance
  • Scratch, dent, and gouge resistant
  • Slip resistant, wet or dry
  • Easy to install, clean, and maintain
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Available in 12 standard colors
  • Custom color and logo capabilities

Technical Specifications


PUR-bonded SBR granuales and EPDM color flecks

Standard Roll Dimension

Width: 48-in wide
Length: custom lengths



Impact Resistance

14 N/m according to EN1517

Coefficient of Friction

>0.95 according to ASTM D2047

Slip resistance

Pass according to ASTM F2772

Force Reduction

19.70% according to ASTM F2772

Energy Restitution

80.20% according to ASTM F2772


12 standard colors with custom color and logo capability


5 years

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