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Long-lasting floor solution for your ski lodge

With their high-quality skiing and snowboarding equipment safely and reliably stored away, the base lodge is the ideal location to unwind and relax with family and friends after a long day of snow riding and exploring the local area. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests with REGUPOL recycled rubber flooring. Water resistant, renowned durability, great acoustics and more, REGUOL aktiv and aktivplus’ unparalleled combination of benefits and extensive range of designs make it the perfect flooring solution for a wide array of ski resort interiors.

The interior environment within a ski lodge is exposed to a high amount of dirt and moisture walked in from the slopes. Slippery, smooth floors often lead to falls and accidents. Minimize this risk with REGUPOL aktiv and aktivplus recycled rubber floors. In both wet and dry conditions, our floors offer anti-slip properties as well as a high level of comfort underfoot.

Another well-known feature of our recycled rubber floors is resistance and ability to absorb great impacts. Your resort is bustling with activity. It’s virtually impossible to damage rubber floors and, if it is well maintained, it will look like new for a long time. Aktiv and aktivplus improve room acoustics by reducing distracting noise and unwanted ambient noise.

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For ski lodges

REGUPOL aktiv for Winter Recreation

Winter-friendly REGUPOL akiv is an excellent flooring choice for areas with high volume foot traffic coming into ski facilities from the snow.

REGUPOL aktivplus for Winter Recreation

1/2-in thick rubber flooring designed to withstand wintry conditions and the havoc it creates for your flooring.

Great variety of design options with REGUPOL Aktiv and AktivPlus

When designing your ski lodge, would you like to stick to a certain color scheme? Or would you like different areas to be separated from each other by different colors? With our REGUPOL recycled rubber floors, nothing could be easier. The choice is yours. You can choose a standard color from our collections or create one of your own.

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