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Roller Sports

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Inline skating is gaining in popularity as a source for fun and a new way to workout. Inline skating is actually an outdoor sport, but people are increasingly taking to the rollers in doors, as well. Our REGUPOL dynamic inline sports floor has been specially developed for sports on rollers and wheels. Its flex-resistant coating makes it a special mixed elastic system, meaning that the wear layer is so hard that rollers and wheels can roll smoothly over the surface without sinking in. However, in the event of falls, our sports hall floor is still elastic enough to minimize the risk of injury.

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REGUPOL dynamic inline

REGUPOL dynamic inline is especially suitable for inline skating, but can also be used for ball games and other indoor sports of all kinds.

REGUPOL dynamic FL

REGUPOL dynamic FL is our new coating for sports hall floors. Renovate or refurbish the floor in your sports hall or multi-purpose arena.

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