REGUPOL safety elements for Bullet Traps

Designed Specifically for Shooting Ranges

REGUPOL Bullet Trap Elements for Shooting Ranges

Designed Specifically for Shooting Ranges

The bullet trap area often provides the biggest challenge for the entire shooting range. Whether mixed system, soft or hard bullet trap systems - REGUPOL provides solutions for the periphery, as system components, mobile bullet traps or for the construction of multi-dimensional training environments.

Whether in indoor shooting facilities or on outdoor ranges - our REGUPOL safety elements for bullet traps safely capture bullets, preventing them from re-emerging anywhere else.

Our products

For shooting ranges

REGUPOL ballistic E43

Find out more about our REGUPOL ballistic E43 elastic tile as cladding for walls and ceilings on shooting ranges.

REGUPOL ballistic S43

The REGUPOL ballistic S43 elastic tile prevents projectiles rebounding back into the shooting range – e. g. as front cladding for the bullet trap.

REGUPOL ballistic E70

Read more about our REGUPOL ballistic E70 wall and ceiling cladding here.

REGUPOL ballistic B200

The REGUPOL ballistic B200 shooting block is easy to install for a wide range of flexible applications for your indoor or outdoor shooting range.

REGUPOL ballistic B500

Our REGUPOL ballistic B500 shooting block can be used as a mobile bullet trap system or to create 180°-scenarios in your shooting range.

Bullet trap requirements

The main requirement a bullet trap has to fulfil in shooting ranges is obvious: it needs to guarantee that shooters and other people present are in no danger whatsoever from bullets ricocheting from the target area. With our REGUPOL safety elements, you can equip areas in and around the bullet trap in such a way that projectiles are captured safely. You can choose between permanently installed and mobile safety elements or combine them in your shooting range. The bullet trap is only one area of the shooting range. The floor, wall and ceiling also pose an increased risk of causing rebounds or ricochets. In outdoor ranges, there are often overhead baffles that also need appropriate cladding. We will be happy to advise you the best approach for all areas of your shooting range.

Do you have any questions about our safety elements for bullet traps? Feel free to contact us and we’ll help you find the right solution for your shooting range.

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