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The practice of yoga is grounded, and the floor beneath your bare feet is part of the experience. Put your yoga studio on solid footing with REGUPOL Aktiv or REGUPOL AktivLok, the best choice of floor material for style and performance. Cleanliness and comfort rank up there with affordability and aesthetics. For the best floor to support your Sun Salutations, trust REGUPOL rubber floors.

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REGUPOL aktiv Rolled Rubber Flooring

REGUPOL aktiv Rolled Rubber Flooring

3/8-in x 48-in wide
5/16-in x 48-in wide
1/4-in x 48-in wide

Energy Restitution 85%-86%
Force Reduction 12.9%-13.7%

REGUPOL aktivlok Interlocking Rubber Tiles

REGUPOL aktivlok Interlocking Rubber Tiles

3/8-in x 24-in x24-in
(Available in Borders, Centers, & Corners)

Energy Restitution 85%
Force Reduction 12.9%

Flooring for Minimal Distraction

Soft lights and soothing paint colors foster peace and reflection. REGUPOL Aktiv and REGUPOL AktivLok provide a supportive environment for yogis to relax and open their body and mind, while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles. Quiet and tranquility are an absolute must. Our rubber flooring is designed to reduce noise, making it a suitable flooring choice for yoga studios.

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