Traction to prevent slips

Swimming pools offer up lots of fun but they also come with lots of opportunities to slip, fall and get hurt. While regular tile or poured concrete can be dangerous when wet, REGUPOL Aktiv rubber flooring naturally repels water and provides adequate traction even when wet. It's soft, gentle on bare feet, and can withstand natural elements.

Choose from anexpansive collection of 27 styles, from the tried-and-true black background punctuated by colorful speckles to looks inspired by natural stone. Mix and match colors or custom design a floor to fit you. REGUPOL Aktiv is easy to style and can make any space feel more relaxing. 


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REGUPOL aktiv Rolled Rubber Flooring

3/8-in x 48-in wide
5/16-in x 48-in wide
1/4-in x 48-in wide

Energy Restitution 85%-86%
Force Reduction 12.9%-13.7%

Cushioned to protect bare feet and falls

Uneven or rough surfaces can be tough on your feet and lead to injury if you walk barefoot. In addition, hard surfaces can be rigid on your joints. Unlike traditional decking materials that are coarse and bumpy, our Aktiv rolled rubber floors are smooth and even. The 4' wide rolls come together to produce a seamless appearance that mimics the natural look of stone. 

For a sturdy, safe, and attractive pool decking material, give REGUPOL rubber floors a try. It’s appearance and performance will leave everyone standing still.

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