REGUPOL equiline vet

Product details

REGUPOL equiline vet

Product details

Two-layer flooring for special applications in clinics and recovery boxes. Soft base layer with a wear-resistant, hygienic surface layer.

REGUPOL equiline VET – the special floor for equine clinics

Wherever animals are given medical care for various diseases and conditions, it’s absolutely essential to have a floor that is not only hygienic, but also safe and comfortable. All these qualities are combined in our special flooring REGUPOL equiline VET. This floor has been specially developed by REGUPOL for equine and veterinary clinics, operating suites and recovery boxes. Highly elastic and hard-wearing, its seamless surface also makes it completely hygienic. Our REGUPOL equiline VET clinics floors consist of a 20 mm thick REGUPOL special membrane and a fabric mesh. On top of this comes a seamless PUR coating, which is applied on site. This is available with either a smooth or a roughened surface, depending on requirements. Different base layer thicknesses are also possible. For recovery boxes, for instance, we can supply our REGUPOL equiline VET with a 40 mm thick soft sub-layer and a 10 mm REGUPOL special membrane with a seamless PUR wear layer. The pore-free PUR surface allows intensive cleaning in accordance with hygienic requirements. For your clinic floor, there is also a range of different colors to choose from.

REGUPOL equiline vet

Color and pattern selection


  • hygienic
  • seamless
  • robust
  • high protective function

Technical Specifications


floor for veterinary clinics


base layer: PUR binders, components made of synthetic rubber, surface: wear-resistant PUR


22 mm


approx. 19 kg/m²


indoor system, two-layer flooring

Slip resistance

R 10


product sample service, individual consulting, instructions for cleaning and care, repairs and renovation possible, installation on schedule


Installation is carried out by REGUPOL installation technicians.

water permeability

impermeable to water

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John Aten
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What makes our special floor for equine clinics so fundamentally good

REGUPOL equiline VET is a made-to-measure seamless floor system, specially designed for veterinary clinics, operating theatres and recovery boxes. Our unique floor system is the ultimate in comfort for horses, while simultaneously providing hygienic, germ-free surroundings. The special structure and the robust surface ensure even thickness, density and impact absorbance – so that horses can enjoy the best possible care with high standards of hygiene and safety. Installation is carried out by skilled REGUPOL installation technicians.

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