Winter sports floors

Ski and skate retail shops

Ski and Skate Retail Shops

REGUPOL Aktiv and AktivPlus floors – comfort and style beneath your feet

Ski and ice skate retail shops are full of skiers, snowboarders, and ice skaters sorting out their equipment or adding the finishing touches. There’s a lot you can do to create a pleasant atmosphere - warm colors, pleasant lighting, seating, and much more. But don't forget the flooring. At REGUPOL, we  marry the elastic qualities of rubber with a wide range of textures and color combinations to deliver a beautiful, comfortable floor. Besides ergonomic qualities, our rubber floors deliver slip and stain resistance, easy-to-clean characteristics, sound absorption, and the result is increasing popularity in retail spaces. The low maintenance and contemporary look of REGUPOL aktiv and aktivplus is an attractive combination for virtually any ski resort space.

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For ski resort retail shops

REGUPOL Aktiv for Winter Recreation

REGUPOL Aktiv for Winter Recreation

Winter-friendly REGUPOL Akiv is an excellent flooring choice for areas with high volume foot traffic coming into ski facilities from the snow.

REGUPOL AktivPlus for Winter Recreation

REGUPOL AktivPlus for Winter Recreation

1/2-in thick rubber flooring designed to withstand wintry conditions and the havoc it creates for your flooring.

REGUPOL is safe and sound flooring

For employees on their feet at work, the days are long. The cushioned surface of REGUPOL aktiv and aktivplus provides comfort underfoot making long hours of standing more bearable. At the same time, our rubber floor surfaces offer excellent acoustic benefits. Unlike hard surfaces, rubber flooring is a bit softer and absorbs the noise of walking. The sound absorption of rubber is particularly useful in ski retail where customers are coming and going in heavy ski boots.

Beyond sound absorption, REGUPOL rubber floors are built for high impact. They are also water resistant. Your REGUPOL rubber floor will hold up in the face of winter conditions. 


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