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Ski Chair Lift Areas

Rugged and Durable Rubber Flooring

Besides short transport times and well-prepared slopes, the interior design of mountain and base chairlifts is also important. Water resistant, renowned durability, great acoustics and more, REGUOL aktiv and aktivplus' unparalleled combination of benefits and extensive range of designs make it the perfect flooring solution for ski lift areas. 

Ticket offices and waiting areas as well as boarding and disembarking zones are great gathering places, often attracting large crowds of skiers and snowboarders. When quiet matters, turn to REGUPOL recycled rubber flooring. Our REGUPOL aktiv and aktivplus floor coverings are very resilient and have good acoustic properties. All our rubber flooring products are built from the strongest materials, to handle high volume traffic areas and tolerate heavy impact. 

Getting on and off the ski lift safely takes practice and a solid ground.  Snow can become hard packed and get quite slippery. To reduce the likelihood of slips and falls and improve the safety of ski resort guests and workers, consider rubber flooring. Even in wet conditions, REGUPOL aktiv and aktivplus offer a high level of coefficient of friction. 

For durability and performance for years to come, turn to  REGUPOL aktiv or aktivplus rolled rubber flooring for your ski facilities. 


Our Products

For ski chair lift areas

REGUPOL Aktiv for Winter Recreation

REGUPOL Aktiv for Winter Recreation

Winter-friendly REGUPOL Akiv is an excellent flooring choice for areas with high volume foot traffic coming into ski facilities from the snow.

REGUPOL AktivPlus for Winter Recreation

REGUPOL AktivPlus for Winter Recreation

1/2-in thick rubber flooring designed to withstand wintry conditions and the havoc it creates for your flooring.

Function meets design

Design your ski lift area with mindfully made rubber flooring meant for long-lasting style and comfort. Choose from an expansive collection of styles to fit your design needs, including the tried-and-true black background punctuated by colorful speckles and the natural stone-look of marble or terrazzo. Mix and match colors or custom design a floor to fit you. 

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