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Reception and common areas

Reception and Common Areas

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For common areas and the front desk

REGUPOL Aktiv Rolled Rubber Flooring

REGUPOL Aktiv Rolled Rubber Flooring

3/8-in x 48-in wide
5/16-in x 48-in wide
1/4-in x 48-in wide

Energy Restitution 85%-86%
Force Reduction 12.9%-13.7%

REGUPOL AktivLok Interlocking Rubber Tiles

REGUPOL AktivLok Interlocking Rubber Tiles

3/8-in x 24-in x24-in
(Available in Borders, Centers, & Corners)

Energy Restitution 85%
Force Reduction 12.9%

Headache-free and hassle-free gym flooring

But there’s more to it than just the obvious appearance and maintenance. Our rubber floors for reception and common areas offer gym owners unbeatable performance. They are naturally slip and wear-resistant, sound-absorbing, comfortable underfoot, and aren’t susceptible to mold and mildew taking hold. Most liquids will not stain or damage the surface, and it is relatively difficult to damage due to its resilient yet yielding nature. REGUPOL Aktiv fitness flooring gives you everything you need to create the most welcoming reception: inspiring colors, simple maintenance, and excellent performance.

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