Bellevue di Monaco - Activation of roof space

Success story sports roof Bellevue di Monaco Munich

Bellevue di Monaco - Activation of roof space

Success story sports roof Bellevue di Monaco Munich


The Bellevue di Monaco is a residential and cultural centre in the heart of Munich with a sports court on the roof. Here, refugees are accommodated in a refurbished building complex from the 1950s, which now offers both residents and visitors a great variety of activities. The sports court (Kurt-Landauer-Platz) was opened in October 2020, rounding off the facilities in spectacular fashion. It’s also a forward-looking example of successful roof-space activation in an increasingly dense urban environment. Situation Our cities are becoming ever more crowded, with building developments increasing in density. With a lack of space, social, cultural and sports uses are being sidelined and pushed into the outskirts. And yet, the importance of sports in residential environments is undisputed. So, we need new concepts.
A particularly important solution to this problem is the activation of roof space. The so-called “fifth façade” offers enormous potential for creating additional activities in our cities and keeping them there. In many respects, the Bellevue di Monaco is a showpiece and REGUPOL is the right partner for implementing such future-oriented projects.


The Bellevue di Monaco is of great social significance as it highlights such issues as urban development, culture and sport as well as flight from adversity and migration. Concept and implementation for this residential and cultural centre came from architects Hirner & Riehl, in cooperation with the “Bellevue di Monaco” cooperative and many other local supporters.


Besides activating roof space, mixed use is another approach to solving problems in urban areas: anyone playing football on a supermarket roof is likely to do their shopping in that supermarket, too. Anyone playing football with refugees is likely to enter into dialogue which fosters community building. In other words, if additional activities and uses can be added to a building’s main use, and they then attract outside visitors and users, the result benefits all. Main users can be hotels, supermarkets or schools, for example, while bonus uses can consist of hospitality businesses, roof gardens, exhibition areas, public spaces or even sports areas. Activating public space in this way not only creates or secures the offer of important social activities, but also promotes integration and identification.


The man who gave his name to the roof-top sports court – Kurt Landauer – was the long-time president of FC Bayern
Munich. He was forced to flee Germany during the National Socialist era and survived in exile. In constructing the Kurt-Landauer-Platz, emphasis was laid on the durability of the materials used, as well as their ability to meet the design and sports functional demands placed on them. Complex and costly repair work on such a lofty and inaccessible sports court were to be avoided as much as possible. In view of the residential floors below, sound insulation naturally had a major role to play.
For these complex requirements, REGUPOL Sports und REGUPOL Acoustics provide ideal solutions. The installation of a REGUPOL sports surface, specially insulated against impact sound, made the activation of this roof space possible.


Since the Summer of 2018, Bellevue has provided 40 people with a place to live. The cultural programme open to residents and visitors includes theatre, concerts, readings, language and training courses – and now sports, as well. By activating this roof top, the Kurt-Landauer-Platz has provided additional recreational space and become a jewel in the crown of this deserving initiative. The sports court and its spectacular lighting which makes it visible for miles around has come to symbolize the entire project.

Project overview

  • Kurt-Landauer-Platz
  • 144 m² roof-top sports court
  • 5 floors with 40 people
  • 1,5 floors Culture-Café
  • A living and experience space for people

REGUPOL innovative rooftop utilisation for Bellevue di Monaco | three perspectives


The Bellevue di Monaco is a lively, bustling place where people meet and experience unity in diversity at one of Munich’s most desirable addresses in the Glockenbach district. That alone is remarkable. It’s also a prototype for sustainable urban development, with its roof-space activation, preservation of existing buildings and mixed use. Combining different activities under one roof, all of which make use of the enormous architectural and functional potential of roof space, is an ideal concept for the future of building design. The rooftop sports court stands high above the city like a symbol of vitality and has made the Bellevue di Monaco famous far beyond the boundaries of Munich. With our specialists and products, we at REGUPOL are proud to be an important part of this initiative.