REGUPOL challenger PDF

Product Details

REGUPOL challenger PDF

Product Details

Our system for fast and inexpensive renovation. No need to remove the old shale tracks. With spray-coated surfaces.

If your old red shale running track is no longer usable and you’d like quick and cost-effective renovation, then we recommend our REGUPOL challenger PDF system. This track renovation system involves a floating surface laid directly onto the old shale covering. The surface consists of a spray-on polyurethane coating with highly wear-resistant EPDM granules mixed into it. The base layer, prefabricated in the factory, guarantees uniform values for force reduction and elasticity. The result: a seamless, spike-resistant, water-impermeable running track primarily for training and school sports.

REGUPOL challenger PDF

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  • fast and inexpensive renovation of old shale running tracks or asphalt surfaces
  • No need for removal
  • water impermeable
  • uniform physical properties guaranteed
  • spike-resistant
  • stable under foot
  • slip-resistant
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REGUPOL challenger PDF – Track renovation made easy

Renovating your running track with REGUPOL challenger PDF does not involve removing the old surface or disposing of old materials. Installation is fast because there is no need for any new sub-bases or asphalt surfaces. The benefits of this track renovation method lie primarily in time saving and cost reduction. At the same time, disruption of training sessions and competitions can be kept to a minimum. Installation of our running track renovation system is carried out professionally by our trained REGUPOL fitters.

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